Frequently Asked Questions

We do things just a little differently at Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine, so we’ve added in our most frequently asked questions to make everything as easy and streamlined as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with the freshest beer, in the most sustainable way - our taproom serves up small batch brews, and the only form of packaging is our stainless steel growlers.  We run the growler system as a Swap’n’Go service, enabling quick transactions, prolonged beer life, sanitary cleaning and infinite reuse of the growlers.

You can also choose to join our Rewards Program at any point. Each growler refill gets you closer to a free refill, as well as other excellent bonuses.

We have our faves Gringa Taco Bar on board for all your Taco needs.

Fresh Tacos with a twist available during opening hours - order at the onsite kitchen next to the brewery. A great range of nutritious and delicious tacos with a rotating feature menu, sides and kids options available. The perfect match with our well crafted brews!

Watch this space - the next phase of our collaboration is to incorporate the food and beers into one big venue with extra seating. For more info and to check the menu click here

A small suburb with a lovely community feel, Tarrawanna is nestled between the escarpment and the coast just North of Wollongong. It’s about 1.5hrs drive from Sydney centre, and 10 mins drive from Wollongong.

Public transport options: 10 mins walk from Towradgi train station and there’s a local bus stop directly at the front of the Brewery.

A growler is a reusable vessel designed for holding beer. We chose our stainless steel growlers to maximise their beer storage capabilities - double walled for good insulation, an arrow neck to minimise any oxidation, and a pressure rated pop-top to hold a good seal and maintain carbonation.

We fill our growlers with a dedicated counter-pressure filler - this means the beer is not exposed to oxygen, keeping the flavours fresh and maintaining the carbonation level. We give our growlers a guaranteed shelf life of one month from the fill date as long as they are stored cold. Once opened we recommend drinking within 48-72hours and resealing the growler between pours. The insulated vessel will keep your beer cold for over 6 hours, making it perfect for outdoor adventuring.

Absolutely - your first growler will be a 1.5L - from then on simply pay for the beer refill size you want, and we will drop off the corresponding growler size. You can switch up and down between sizes as much as you like.

Thank you for asking!Please rinse your growlerwith hot water after use - do a quick visual check to make sure you got the beer residue out and managed to get the rubber gasket on the lid. We take care of the rest of the sanitation process after you drop off/we pick up the growler - however the rinse you give it after use ensures no mould grows and our lives are made significantly easier! Our cleaning protocol includes a 85 degree soapy water scrub, inspection for any further deep clean and an acid sanitation bath. They are then filled via a closed loop in a counter-pressure filler under sterile carbon dioxide gas, and re-dipped in an acid sanitation bath post filling. They are then stored cold until you pick up, or we drop off.

We do - please send us an email to receive details on the current availability and price list.

Please note - you are responsible for the cleanliness of your corny keg!

Please note with the introduction of our own kitchen we are no longer BYO food. Birthday cakes excepted!

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