We love beer. We enjoy brewing it even more than we enjoy drinking it. That’s why we designed our brewhouse to be such a hands on system that allows us great control and flexibility in the brewing process. All our beer is made in-house on our one of a kind ‘Rube Goldbergesque’ manually focused system. Our small size allows for a guaranteed freshness of product and the small batch capability enables great variety.
 Our brewery is fiercely independent, locally owned and run…just how the locals like it!
We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we do.

On the Taplist This Week:



A clean and uber crisp Lager with a delicate malt character and distinctive layer of sweet corn, beautifully balanced by the subtle hint of spiced fruit from the hops and ester profile of Mogwai’s Endless Summer strain. 3.8% ABV


MATT - Kölsch

AKA Matt - a light, clean and dry German beer with a delicate but distinctive yeast character that’s brewed like an ale but drinks like a lager. 4.6% ABV



Another smashable lager on a rolled rice malt base, showcasing a new world lager hop, bringing out fresh fruit and melon esters on the nose with a crisp finish. 5.6% ABV 


Dark Double Hopped Mild

Smooth dark chocolate, sweet tea and stewed fruits score a hit up of spicy lemongrass from the New World hop Solero. The highly kilned malts, and estery profile of the yeast balances beautifully with the dry hop addition, bringing a very satisfying hop character to an otherwise malt forward style. ⁠

NZ Extra Pilsner

A strong, crispy and crushable Czech style lager with a New Zealand hop twist. Featuring white fruits on the nose of gooseberry, grape and honeydew melon, balanced by the sweet bread malt bill.


An American style brown ale, boasting chocolate and coffee malt aroma with evergreen citrus hops. 5.4% ABV

West Coast Double IPA

A true to style West Coast Double IPA featuring piney dank aromas of the American west Coast, as well as tropical notes such as pineapple and mango coming through this dangerously drinkable hoppy IPA. 7.6% 



A tart wild ale, brewed with yeast sourced from Port Kembla beach. Aged with blood plumb. 5% ABV