We love beer. We enjoy brewing it even more than we enjoy drinking it. That’s why we designed our brewhouse to be such a hands on system that allows us great control and flexibility in the brewing process. All our beer is made in-house on our one of a kind ‘Rube Goldbergesque’ manually focused system. Our small size allows for a guaranteed freshness of product and the small batch capability enables great variety.
 Our brewery is fiercely independent, locally owned and run…just how the locals like it!
We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we do.

On the Taplist This Week:

AKA Matt - a light, clean and dry German beer with a delicate but distinctive yeast character that’s brewed like an ale but drinks like a lager. 4.5% ABV
Sesh Red
Refreshing red mid strength with biscuit malt and citrus pine hops. 3.8% ABV, low gluten.
Leicht Pilsner

A very classic Munich lager featuring the newly released Vista hop. It’s crisp and clear gold with a firm bitterness, crusty baked bread comes from the grist and there’s a lovely orange citrus and spice twist from the hops. 3.5% ABV

Best Bitter
This beautifully British ale with a sneaky wee dry hop has, plenty of brown sugar & golden syrup flavours from the malts, lifted by some spicy pineapple esters & a mild herbal bitterness. ABV 3.5%
Session IPL
A hybrid style that we're calling a session IPL with a festbier grist, American hops & a Czech lager yeast. A dank aroma with hints of sweet fruit & citrus. Followed by a dry biscuity malt character, balanced by berries & piney bitterness. ABV 3.4%
Dark Mexican Lager

Light chocolate and orange jaffa with a smooth, clean finish. 4.5% ABV and low gluten.

Highlands Rye Porter
AKA Och Aye - Smooth chocolate and oats with a roasty finish and light caramel and stewed fruit. 3.8% ABV
Slow Lane Sour

This beer started out as our traditional no-boil mixed fermentation Berliner Weisse style beer with live Lacto souring bacteria. It underwent a four month long secondary fermentation with Brett ‘wild’ yeast including two months aging on pineapple. We used a Brett strain that produces pineapple aromas to further accentuate the pineapple flavour. 3.5% ABV

Watermelon Cider

Tart Apple, light scrumpy with a jolly rancher twist. 5.2% ABV, low gluten and contains lactose.