Our Beer

We love beer. We enjoy brewing it even more than we enjoy drinking it. That’s why we designed our brewhouse to be such a hands on system that allows us great control and flexibility in the brewing process. All our beer is made in-house on our one of a kind ‘Rube Goldbergesque’ manually focused system. Our small size allows for a guaranteed freshness of product and the small batch capability enables great variety.

We believe all good beer styles deserve showcasing, so there’s usually a diverse range of beers to be had and we rarely follow the trends. We structure the taplist in the order of how we would drink it, and always aim to keep a selection of easy-drinkers, hoppy monsters, darks and sours in the mix to suit every palate. Whilst we like to change it up, there’s some firm favourites that are almost always on tap and many repeat offenders known as “Tarrawanna’s Most Wanted” beers. Our brewery is fiercely independent, locally owned and run…just how the locals like it!

We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we do.

To see what’s on tap this week jump on our instagram, or for take-away & home delivered options check out the growler fills available in our online shop.

Almost always on tap:


AKA Matt - a light, clean and dry German beer with a delicate but distinctive yeast character that’s brewed like an ale but drinks like a lager. 4.5% ABV

Sesh Red

AKA Three Pats - a crisp, bright red mid-strength with biscuit malt tones and piney hop character that has mouthfeel enough to convince you it’s full-strength. ABV 3.8%

Milk Stout

A smooth, rich, dark ale with robust coffee and chocolate character that’s rounded out with a creamy sweetness. ABV 5.4%


A kettle-soured wheat beer in the traditional German Gose (Go-zuh) style, with a light seasoning of salt and citrusy coriander seed. Very dry and crushable. Often blended with seasonal fruits for fresh, fruity bursts of flavour. ABV ~4.5%

Tarrawanna Export Range (TEX)

These are all variations on New World Lagers - classic styles with a twist. Lager yeast ferments colder than ale strains and gives the beers a cleaner finish so you can expect that crispness across the board. However, we like to play in the broad spectrum of lagers, utilising new and emerging ingredients and techniques to create interesting and more complex flavours, aromas and colours. The original release in this range is our fastest selling beer to date and has a cult-like following - the Tarrawanna Export Gold. The Gold is a softer lager with a Czech Pilsner base, showcasing some wild hops outta New Mexico for bursts of candied orange and lemon zest. There's rarely a Tap List without a TEX feature, so keep an eye out for what's playing this week.

Tarrawanna’s Most Wanted List:

Norwegian Farmhouse

Super light, dry and sessionable this straw-coloured Farmhouse Ale is light on the funk with spice and fruit esters. ABV 4.2%

NZ Pilsner

A clean, crisp, golden lager generously hopped with Motueka & Riwaka to add stone fruit, citrus & lime pops of flavour. ABV 5.1%

Kiwi Haze

Fruit forward, and delightfully hazy without the heaviness this Pale Ale with a twist is smooth and lush with tropical fruit flavours and a little spice from the all kiwi hop bill. ABV 4.5%


AKA Adam - stands for Extra Special Bitter, this is an English style Pale Ale full of toffee and spice flavours, with complimentary fruity esters and a rich copper colour. ABV 5.2%

Southern Cross Pale Ale

A classic American style Pale Ale with medium bitterness featuring the Southern Cross Hop which adds a lemony, citrus punch. ABV 5%

Hazy Superdry

A hybrid style similar to an XPA, it’s nice and fruity up front but slides off the tongue for that superdry finish. ABV 5.6%


This dark lager showcases malt flavours of chocolate, coffee and a touch of burnt toast, but finishes dry, clean and crisp - the lighter side of dark. ABV 4.6%


AKA The Josh - Brewed in the classic West Coast IPA style with a firm bitterness, and a crisp bite from the rye highlighted by zesty citrus and piney hop character. ABV 5.4%

Isolation IPA

Brewed originally to make lock down more bearable, this is a dank, bold but very smooth IPA. ABV 7.5%


AKA Jack the RIPA - a deep, rusty red IPA with a rich malty backbone and firm resiny bitterness. ABV 7.2%

Annual Releases:

Very special beers released once a year and often aged for added complexity - this list will no doubt be added to as our brewery ages as well.

Espresso Porter

A lush, rich coffee experience. The robust dark chocolate and coffee malt bill provides a smooth base for the liters of cold brew infused into the brew - at least a shot in every glass. Finished off with a thick, creamy head, this caffeinated monster arrives once a year for the Dark As Festival. ABV ~6%

Grand Reserve

Grand Reserve - A Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with Belgian Candi sugar and aged 6 months to meld the complex characteristics of the Belgian yeast into smooth, dark stone fruits, spice and orange peel that lift the deep, rich toffee laden tones. ABV ~8%

Grand Cru

This Belgian Golden Strong Ale is a clear, bright gold ale with sweet bubblegum and bitter orange peel esters on a smooth malty base with a deceptively dry finish. Aged for ~3 months to marry the flavours into a smooth, yet complex spicy character with a gentle alcohol warmth. ABV ~7.5%