How do you growl?

We run our packaged beer as a Swap'n'Go Growler service. First choose your beer from the tasty selection - then select the size of your fill or choose the 'New Growler' option if it's your first time or you'd like to add more vessels to your fleet. On your local delivery day we will drop off the freshly filled growler and pick up your empty - don't forget to put it out for collection! For further details please read the FAQ page

You can also choose to join our loyalty program at any point to start earning some beery rewards - it's both free to join and gets you free beer :)                                          Simply create an account via the StampMe widget at the bottom right of your screen. Use this widget to log in for future purchases and they will automatically be added to your rewards account.

If you already have a StampMe account from take away growlers bought in store, follow the instructions above ensuring the username and password are the same for in store and online accounts. Then email us at so we can link the accounts. 


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