It’s that time of year that’s even more dangerous to be a beer!
It's Oktoberfest at Reub's and we have a full 4 days of spring beer festival fun prepared - beers, games, food and live music.
Scroll along this page for tasting notes, Oktoberfest itinerary and Gringa's German inspired feature menu!
Limited number of RGBM steins released on Thursday - purchase of one of these beauties scores you $6 stein fills of our Helles Export all festival long! 


Always a crowd favourite - this classic dry and delicate German ale drinks like a summer lager. Pale yellow in colour with minimal hop character, the white bread and honey malt flavours shine, lifted by distinctive champagne and lightly fruity esters. 
ABV: 4.6% 
GRIST: Pilsner, Vienna
HOPS: Saaz
YEAST: WLP029 Kolsch


Schmiddy/360ml: $6

Stein/500ml: $9 

Pint/570ml: $10


Helles Exportbier

A traditional malt-forward German lager with sweet bread and chewy pretzel malt flavours. Beautifully balanced by a light bitterness of earthy spice and floral hop flavours this clear, golden German export is a super smooth, easy drinker.
ABV: 4.9%
GRIST:  Pilsner,  Vienna, Munich 2
HOPS:Magnum, Sorachi Ace
YEAST: Mogwai Moonlight

Schmiddy/360ml: $7

Stein/500ml: $10

Pint/570ml: $11


German Pilsner


Crisp and clean as a water cracker with a moderately bitter finish, this thirst quencher has some light noble hop character and a soft aroma of pear and rose on the nose. Perfect accompaniment to some currywurst and pretzels.

GRIST: Pilsner, Vienna

HOPS: Magnum, Hallertau Tradition

 YEAST: Mogwai Bright Eyes

 ABV: 5.1%


Schmiddy/360ml: $7

Stein/500ml: $10

Pint/570ml: $11


Dunkels Marzen

A lush, malty dark lager filled with toffee and caramel flavours on a warm toasty brown bread base with some dried fruity hits. Soft fruity esters and a clean finish make for a dangerously drinkable strong lager coming in at 6.3%. 
ABV: 6.3%
GRIST:  Red X, Munich 2, Vienna, CaraAroma, Voodoo, Shepherds Delight
HOPS:  Hallertau Tradition
YEAST: Mogwai Moonlight

Schmiddy/360ml: $8

Stein/500ml: $11

Pint/570ml: $12



Gringa Taco Bar Oktoberfest Feature Menu

Dill Pickle Chicken Wings
Crispy chicken wings tossed in a house made dill pickle salt, served with bacon ranch and cucumbers.

Street Currywurst
Grilled German sausage, chipotle curried ketchup for dipping, served with sauerkraut and pickles

Potato Taco
Roasted potatoes, beer & mustard queso, pickled red cabbage, herb garnish and pretzel crunch( contains low gluten)
Add pork and ham hock for $2