Isolation IPA Refill

Isolation IPA Refill

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To welcome us all out of our most recent lockdown, the Isolation IPA is BACK!

This double IPA is big, bold, dank and dangerously delicious. Fermented a little cooler to soften the alcohol heat, it's had a hell of a dry hop with Lotus, plus Eukanot & Loral Cryo on top of the Altus & Simcoe in whirlpool. All those hops are throwing off all the dank, piney, resiny, earthy and citrusy flavours. There's enough clean malt in there to balance it beautifully, so good you won't even want to share it!

ABV: 8.5%

Standard Drinks: 10.1 (1.5L) / 13.4 (2L)

Vegan Friendly